Visit (Besøk) by Jens Bjørneboe

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Good evening friend, I see you came back again!
Would you chat with me tonight?
Would you hear my footsteps and my laughter bright,
and check on my well-being?

You know so well that I am ever faithful,
and you may come whenever you will to me.
In my thoughts you ever will be;
there I have built you a castle.

Sometimes when I sit alone in my house
I almost rejoice because
a great and quiet peace wafts through my mind.
I know then who goes by.

You go by and slowly call for me,
and I'm safe knowing it is you, for
these days your voice can reach me;
nothing else can reach me any more.

Yea, be you assured that I shall come!
One evening when you seek me again,
I shall close all of my books
and stand up and follow you, my friend!

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